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Real Assets. Real Returns.


Target return per annum*


Capstone Income Fund

  • Australian property debt fund

  • Monthly distributions

  • Management invested alongside investors


* Returns are a target of the Fund and are not guaranteed


Minimum Investment: $100,000


Investment type: secured debt fund with mortgages over Australian property assets


Eligibility: contact us to confirm eligibility


We are a debt fund offering consistent positive income to investors through a diversified loan portfolio secured over Australian property

Why Choose Us?


Capstone Income Fund delivers investors regular monthly distributions with a target return of 10% p.a. The fund unlocks the power of property to investors through a diversified pool of Australian property mortgages secured against assets such as residential properties, commercial properties or residual stock properties from completed builds. Management offers unique capital preservation to investors by investing alongside and acting as first loss to investor returns, offering true alignment of interests.

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Primarily first mortgages secured by Australian property.

Target 10% p.a. return, paid monthly.

Strong investor protections.

Experienced management team.


About Us


The Capstone Income Fund is a debt fund available to wholesale investors with a diversified portfolio of registered mortgages over Australian property assets. The Capstone Income Fund offers secure, competitive risk-adjusted returns that gives investors the opportunity to benefit from debt investments with Australian property as security. The Fund is managed by an experienced management team and focuses on a high-quality portfolio of loans that is diversified, relatively liquid and adhere to strict loan criteria and credit approval requirements. The Fund provides a 10% p.a. target return to investors, with distributions paid monthly, offering stable competitive income from a Fund that is backed by Australian property assets.

Our Team



Investment Manager

MacDonald Capital

  • LinkedIn


Investment Manager

MacDonald Capital

  • LinkedIn
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Chief Financial Officer

MacDonald Capital

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Investment Committee Member & Advisor

MacDonald Capital

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Our Funds


Capstone Income Fund 10% target return, paid monthly*


* Returns are a target of the Fund and are not guaranteed


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Register your interest


Please contact Capstone’s management to register your interest in the Capstone Income Fund by emailing or by completing the contact form below.

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Contact Us




Sydney Office


+ 61 401 355 766

Suite 211, 3 Eden Street

North Sydney, NSW, 2060

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