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Capstone Income Fund


Target return per annum*



  • Earn passive income from exposure to diversified pool of Australian property in a competitive property debt fund.


  • Management is invested in the fund as a "first-loss" investor, ensuring alignment of interests


* Returns are a target of the Fund and are not guaranteed


Minimum Investment: $100,000


Investment type: secured debt to established residential, land developments and residual stock of completed builds


Eligibility: wholesale investors (see below for criteria)


Fund Overview

Fund Features


  • 10% p.a. target return, backed by high-yielding debt investments on Australian property.


  • Monthly distributions to Investors


  • Diversified portfolio of short-term debt investments backed by mortgages over Australian property assets.


  • Property assets the Fund lends to includes established residential, land developments and residual stock of completed builds.


  • Lower volatility with higher consistent return than other asset classes.


The Fund’s investments have strict risk management protocols to ensure preservation of capital and investor returns:

  • Registered mortgage security over Australian property assets.


  • Portfolio Loan to Value Ratio between 65% – 70% to ensure there is sufficient headroom for repayment in the event of valuation decline.


  • Management capital acts as “first loss” to Investors' returns, offering a true “skin in the game” alignment of interests and unique capital preservation feature to Investors.

Fund Terms

  • Fund type: real estate debt fund, operating as a Managed Investment Scheme under an AFSL.


  • Minimum Investment: $100,000.

  • Eligibility: wholesale investors only (as defined under section 761G of the Corporations Act requiring investors to either invest $500,000 or demonstrate net assets of at least $2.5m or have had a gross income of over $250,000 over previous two financial years).


  • Distribution frequency: monthly.

  • Redemption: no lock up period, redemption at any time subject to cash availability of the Fund. No new investments can be made within the Fund until any Redemption Request is satisfied and any capital returned to the Fund from the Fund's investments can then be used to process any Redemption Requests.


  • Management fees: nil (management is compensated solely through their investment in the fund alongside other investors)

  • Target Loan to Value ratio (LVR): 65-70%.

  • Current LVR: ~60%


  • Use of funds: Australian real estate mortgages only.

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A selection of our recent invesments

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QLD, 4020

Asset class

Residual stock

Loan amount



12 months



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Imagen 12.png


NSW, 2088

Asset class

Bridging Loan

Loan amount



7 months



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Imagen 13.png


NSW, 2035

Asset class

Commercial, Sale

Loan amount



12 months



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3Imagen 1.png


QLD, 4127

Asset class


Loan amount



12 months



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